Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pinterest WIN: Dollar Store Ball Ornament Wreath

These wreaths cost upwards of $50 or more in the store, this cost me just under $20 at the dollar store! This could be used for any holiday, just get coordinating color ornaments!


  • 1 willow wreath but you could use any type of wreath that you have on hand, the one in the picture below is 24” in diameter when finished, so this was one large wreath! 
  • Assorted Christmas ball ornaments, how many you need depends on the size you make, mine has about 80 balls
  • Ribbon 
  • Hot Glue Gun

  1. Wrap the wreath in ribbon that will compliment the color of your ornaments. This is so if there are any gaps in between the balls, the wreath wont be so noticeable.
  2. This sample picture below shows the back of the wreath, glue balls to the inside of the wreath with the little hanging bit sticking up, then do exactly the same and glue balls to the outside of the wreath, flip the wreath over and then add balls randomly (hanging bit hidden) until you are happy with the placement and look of the balls.

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