Monday, November 25, 2013

Pinterest WIN: Crate Dog Bowl Holder

So I loved this idea but have been waiting for the perfect crate to come along (excuses right?) And low and behold, I found one at a yard sale for $4. This is easy to do (if you have the tools).

Flip the crate upside down

trace the BOTTOM of the bowls onto the bottom of the crate. (or in my instance I used the bowls original holder.)  You don't want to trace the top of the bowls because the hole will be too big and the bowls will fall through.

Using a hole saw I cut as much of the holes out as possible. 

To cut the rest I used a dremel tool with a jigsaw end. I used the sanding end on the dremel to smooth the edges around the hole.

I finished it with a stain I had to restore the look.

The puppy loves it!

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