Sunday, December 8, 2013

Pinterest WIN: DIY Snowflakes

Let it snow – Snowflake Tutorial

I spent this snowy day doing some snowflake crafts! What better way to re use my old MBA Books :-) 
  • Old book (preferably with gold edging)
  • Hot glue gun
  • wire or fishing string
  • Gold glitter
  1. Measure out 1″ strips on your book. Use black ink. Decide how many pages thick you want your strips. I used 5 strips for each. 
  2. Leave the 1st strip full length. 2nd & 3rd cut 1/2inch off. 4th & 5th 1inch off. 6th & 7th 2inches off. 
  3. *warning, if you use the full length of the page (8-10 inches), it is going to make a huge snowflake. I made my first the full length of the page and decided to make a smaller one so cut the page in half and started with 4 inch strips. 
  1. Bend the strips in half and hold at the bottom to create a petal of your snowflake.
  2. Find something heavy to lay on the petal, it will help the shape of it curve inward.
  3. Hold the bottom of the snowflake petal very tightly while tying your wire or fishing string around the end of it. Repeat steps 1-5 until you have 8 petals.
  4. Take a stack of paper strips and roll them together & tie them with wire or string.
  5. Hot glue the entire bottom of your petal. Try & get glue on every piece of paper, this will be what is the binding to hold it all together. Once you have covered the bottom in hot glue place it on the roll of paper & hold tightly until the glue has dried.
  6. Repeat step 7 & make a cross with the petals, then fill in the diagonal spots.
  7. Add extra glue to the edges (this is the only thing holding the entire snowflake together so dont be stingy!).
  8. Glue the edges of each petal together so they are more secure.
  9. I took gold glitter paint and painted the edges.

Scroll down to my tips to see the timeliest way to cut & sort these!

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