Tuesday, January 21, 2014

DIY: Pallet Wine Rack and Beer Bottle Rack

DIY: Pallet Wine Rack and Beer Bottle Rack

I wanted to share with you a quick DIY that I just finished. I was so excited about sharing this, I couldn't even wait to hang it! This project is great for your own home OR they would make great gifts (Christmas, Wedding, New home etc.). Here is what you'll need.

A pallet like this: (I found this great picture for some guidance)

And here is what you'll need to do:
1. Using a circular saw or a hand saw, cut along the line of the second board.
2. Pick a fairly straight and in good condition board from the remaining pallet and remove it.
3. Using nails attach it do the bottom of your cut off rack to make the bottom.
Now you could stop here. The end result would look like this:

But I decided to make one with wine glass holders.

So I measured an average height of a wine bottle and then the height of the glass and cut the pallet at that height.
Then I removed another board and nailed it to the top.
I found that for an average size wine glass the slots needed to be 4 inches apart.
I used a dremel to cut the slots for the glasses.

That's it. It is that simple to make your rack.

Next what I did was applied a stain/sealer in one to the entire rack. I used a dark walnut color for the stain.


  1. lol! My mom asked if I would be seeling them on my "eppy" site. I said no. lol It was fun to make ONE.

  2. Great idea! I almost finished mine. Say, how did you include the top shelf??

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