Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Whole30 Day 4: BLTA Turkey Roll Ups!

Day 4:

So today was hard because of outside influences. So I basically failed :-( and I will tell you what, my stomach is letting me know!

Breakfast: Banana (because I was eating lunch at 10:30 today, which actually didn't happen, but oh well)

Lunch: BLTA Turkey Roll Ups. Absolutely AMAZING!

Dinner: FAIL. 1/4 of a mini Robburito  and half a cup of a limeaid (aka sugar water). OK I had Leadership class and this was the food served. I tried to eat just the chicken and guacamole, but the rice and beans were too tempting. I barely ate any and my stomach is so upset. Rice and beans are not allowed on the Whole30. Thinking my upset stomach may be from the sugar high too :-(

Cheats: well DINNER!

Exercise: I ran 2.27 miles in 26 minutes! That's a huge accomplishment for me!

Well I was feeling great after this spectacular lunch!

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