Sunday, December 28, 2014

Cudi turned 21!

Ok he turned 3, but that is 21 in human years so he celebrated! Or we made it look like he was celebrating. This baby can't stay up past 9pm.

Cudi had an amazing year with lots of trips to the park, Mom Mom and Pop Pops and playing with friends! Check out his yearbook below!

Cudi celebrating his 21st birthday
Cudi celebrating his half birthday in June with a pool party. Don't judge, Dec 26th is not a fun time to play outside :-P

Opening Christmas gifts

Playing at the park with his friends

Sunbathing with Mom

Destroying the yard
Photo shoot with mom and dad

The best smile

Getting loving

On Mom and Dad's bed which is a special treat!

Participating in an ice cream eating contest 

Playing ball

With friends Minnie, Ronnie, Austin and Tim

Celebrating a friends birthday

Celebrating St. Patricks Day

Just chillaxin'

Had a boo boo at the Dr.'s

Visiting with Santa

Enjoying a beautiful day outside

Wondering why there is a new dog on the porch

At the Bichon Bash - Over 200 Bichon's! 

Playing hide and seek

Visiting with the Easter Bunny

Just enjoying my life.