Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ditch Cable, Save Money, and Still Watch Your Shows! - How we did it in 3 easy steps.

Everyone is asking how to cut your cable/satellite bill. Well my coworker needed a break down so I wanted to share it with everyone how we went from $160 for cable and internet to $96/mo (with $80 of that being internet!!! hopefully you can get internet cheaper in your area)

So how does this work? Well you watch TV through your internet. So you can completely eliminate your cable bill, leaving only the cost of your internet and 2 subscription channels.

Buy a hub to plug into your TV, This works as your portal to the shows you watch. Or buy a smart TV with the apps already built in. The first option is cheaper :-)

There are a few choices. So do your research on which one will be best for you and your family based on the shows you watch. *remember, each of these options have a YouTube app and an internet browser app so you can watch shows directly from the networks site if they offer full episodes. I have found most shows are on hulu and netflix as I will describe below.

Apple TV. (one time fee $99)
Google TV ($35)
Roku ($50-$99)
Amazon Fire TV ($99)

Here are the comparisons
It actually looks like Roku3 is beating out the competition. 

You will need one box for each TV. So take that into consideration. 
Subscribe to Netflix $8/mo (
Subscribe to Hulu Plus $8/mo (
Buy an HD antenna for your TV to pick up NBC/Fox plus other local channels (we get 10 total in my area). (one time fee $14.99)…
You still have to subscribe to internet. It is $80/mo for Blast internet through Comcast in my area. So our total bill is $96 now. If you can get cheaper internet, your bill will be lower. (remember all these shows are streaming through the internet so you can't skimp)

How does it work? Well you turn on your TV. If the input is set to TV you are going to get the channels through the antenna. If you switch the input to HDMI or USB (depending on which device you buy) you will see different "apps" you can navigate. Similar to your phone. It is really easy and we don't miss cable, or the bill at all!

Apple TV Screen

Roku TV Screen


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  2. The best part is you don't even need a Roku or Apple TV or any of those things if you already have an Xbox or Playstation. You can access Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, and pretty much every other video streaming service you can fathom through one of those and if there's a man in the house you're almost sure to have at least one of them already ;)

    Fred -

  3. An XBOX3 will also allow you to use such premium commercial outlets as CRACKLE. Be sure to use a niche internet/TV search site to find internet service that is affordable in your area so you can stream at the lowest price possible.